We Strive to Improve the Golfing Experience
From booking and registration to electronic scoring, tournaments and handicapping, our aim is to make the whole golfing experience a better one for player. The following are some of the features we provide:
  Booking & Registration – from the comfort of your armchair! In this Covid-19 environment, the less interaction you have and the more social distancing you observe, the safer you are and the more golf you can play! myGolf2u’s Booking & Registration allows you to find available slots in any participating club, secure a booking immediately then from the comfort of your home, start the self-registration and check-in process. You can define your playing partners, your buggy and caddie requirement, seating arrangement, food or drinks and even book your favourite caddie! If you cannot find a fourth, third or even second ball, you can post this tee time to your friends or the general public, who will see your posting and can join you in your game. The process includes payment so that you do not have to go to the registration desk at the club. Each player can pay for themselves so there is no divvying up at the club, again less money handling and less room for catching the virus from anyone. The final check-in process is just before you arrive at the club. Like airline flights, you can check-in a number of hours, or in this case minutes, before your tee-off time. This will inform the Caddie Master of your ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), at which point they will have your buggy, caddie and any ordered food or drinks ready for you. You simply drop your bag and head to the tee box. Once the game is complete, you are presented with a review form to rate your caddie, club and the App itself.
Finding Playing Partners – sometimes you just have to go outside your normal circle of friends! Golfers generally like to play with people they know. It’s a social activity and you don’t always want to play with new people you don’t know. It is not as comfortable or friendly, we all appreciate that. However, sometimes you just can’t complete a flight because some of your friends are busy. If you prefer to only play with friends you know, then that is fine, you can leave your booking as a threesome or twosome. However, some golf clubs have a minimum requirement for the number of players in a flight, which the App informs you about. So, rather than cancel your booking, you can extend an invitation to your myGolf2u friends or even all myGolf2u registered players. So, rather than calling an extended circle of friends, you can simply post it to the broader groups and this may allow you to find a last-minute replacement for your usual playing partners. In other situations, you may be travelling and would like to get a game in but don’t know many people in the town or country you have travelled to. You can always pair up with those who have posted their booking in myGolf2u.
Electronic Scorecards – you will never lose a scorecard again! Players often lose their scorecards or drop them in the club box for handicap purposes, never to be seen again. Unless you are extremely conscientious and store all your scores in Excel, there is basically no way for you to know how well you are doing over time! myGolf2u allows you to score each round on the App and keep all your scores on the Cloud indefinitely. You can recall any scorecard at any time and see how you played, whom you played with and view statistical information about your game.
Performance Analysis – Improve your game through Statistical Analysis myGolf2u uses all your electronic scorecards to present you with analytical information that will contribute to improving your game. Aside from statistical analysis for each game, you are presented with statistic charts of your scores over time and metrics on how many Eagles, Birdies, Pars, Bogies etc. you have scored. An exceptionally useful facet is our hole analysis feature. You can see how well you have done on each hole of each golf course you have played in. You are presented with an average score for each hole as well as total Birdies, Pars, Bogies etc. you have scored on each hole. This will give you valuable input on how to  plan your game the next time you play that difficult hole!
Handicap Determination –See your handicap change immediately after each game myGolf2u uses the USGA and WHS2020 rules to determine your handicap. When you score your game electronically through the App, your new handicap is calculated immediately after you submit your score. You do not need to take your scorecard to your club, drop it in the infamous box and wait for your new handicap to arrive a week or in some cases a month later! The App displays your myGolf2u handicap on the home page and allows you to view which of the last 20 scorecards have been used to derive your handicap.

Tournament – you will never lose a scorecard again!

As a player, you sometimes have to scour through the internet or multiple Organizer and Club sites just to determine which tournament you want to join. It is cumbersome, time consuming and in the end, you may miss many tournaments just because you did not visit the right sites.

The next problem is that even if you find the right tournament, the registration process is sometimes arduous because you have to download forms, fill them in, fax them to the Organizer, contact them to make sure everything is communicated, send a cheque or pay  online to secure your slot and so on and so forth!

Finally, when you turn up on the tournament day, almost invariably it is not clear what you are supposed to do, whom you are playing with, what your starting hole is etc. When the tournament is finally complete, you have to wait for hours before the results are announced.

myGolf2u addresses all these problems and makes tournaments enjoyable for players and streamlined for organizers.Organizer or Clubs communicate with players through the App. When they create a tournament, it is visible to players if the tournament is not private. Players can define favourite clubs so that they can get notifications of tournaments of interest to them. You can register for a tournament with a tap of a button and even pay to secure your slot rather than going through the whole manual rigmarole.

The Organizers will typically enter information such as Name of the competition, start date, registration date, competition format, prizes, sponsors etc. In addition, once the registration process closes, the Organizer can generate the flight draw (pairings), which again all players can see on their mobile Apps. When you arrive on the day, you will know who you are playing with, what hole you are starting on, what your tee off time is and even which buggy number you are assigned to.

Once the tournament begins, golfers will be prompted to enter the scoring page of the app, where they will see whom they have been assigned to score for by the Organizer. During play, they will only be able to score for those players and at any time they can view their own scorecards as well as their overall standing. This will give them an accurate account of where they stand in the competition, whether they need to take risks on the next shots or holes or whether they are sitting comfortably on the top of the leaderboard.

In the end, once the final putt has been holed and the last score has been submitted, all the Organizer has to do is to finalize the tournament in case there are ties which can be determined by their OCB (On Count Back) settings. Typically, they would have to receive all scorecards, enter them manually into their systems and then determine the winners, a process which sometimes takes over two hours!

To start using mygolf2u, download the app from Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store or simply go to on a browser and start using the app without downloading!