covid – 19

Covid-19 Social Distancing Solution

Covid-19 is here to stay!

That is what the experts are telling us!

It has become acceptable to golf clubs that they must now adopt new norms to avoid the spread of Coronavirus, for fear of closure and the inevitable loss of business.

Coronavirus aside, all too often club processes are not in line with player expectations and of course they strive to improve the golfing experience to retain their members and increase visitor traffic.

Most players don’t really want to call multiple clubs to find slots, line up at registration counters to make payments and wait around for their turn to play.

If players can go through an entire booking, payment and check-in process in the airline industry, there is no reason why they can’t do this for playing golf.

myGolf2u provides clubs with a highly flexible tee time slot generation, pricing and promotions module. Rules can be set for each course and tee time so that when player select a slot to book, they know the exact guidelines and pricing.

Caddie and Buggy schedules allow the system to automatically assign these based on bookings. Players can book favourite caddies ahead of time, which can generate further revenue for the club.

Players’ ability to post their  booking to their friends or the whole myGolf2u community will extend the possibility of full flights to maximise revenues. Since the process includes payment, the club will secure their booking fees upfront, thereby improving cashflow and avoiding no-show losses.

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The final check-in process by players informs the Caddie Master, who has a tablet with the myGolf2u Club App on it, that they are actually heading to the club and will arrive at the given ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival).  This gives the Caddie Master the ability to plan ahead and arrange their buggies, caddies and any food or drinks they have ordered. Once the bags are dropped, the players can be allowed to head to their tee box without any delay. If the players are late, then the Caddie Master can bump up the next flight if necessary.

Of course at the tee box the Course Starter will give the final go ahead for the players to start their game. This is captured via the app, as is their crossover and completion time to provide an indication of pace of play. If the club does not have Course Starters then the Caddie Master can perform this function.

When players return their buggies and caddies, the Caddie Master indicates that the round is complete, at which point the players are presented with a review form to rate the club, the whole experience, the caddie and the App.

Meanwhile, back at the club house, the club manager has full view of this entire process, the number of rounds, players, buggies and caddies used for the day, which flights are in play, which are yet to start and which have completed their rounds and so on. A full set of charts provides managers with a 360-degree view of their bookings, revenues, various metric and statistics.