About Us

About Us

At myGolf2u we strive to improve the overall golfing experience for Players, Clubs and Organizers

    1. Are you a golfer looking to make life easier when booking, scoring, getting your handicap, joining tournaments,  finding golfers to play with and want to avoid downloading ten different Apps?
    1. Are you a golf club trying to protect players from Covid-19, want to streamline your business and at the same time get access to thousands of new players?
    1. Are you a social club struggling to administer your group, finding it hard to run tournaments or making sure everyone’s handicap is up to date?

myGolf2u can help with all these scenarios.

With the latest Covid-19 menace and constant fluctuations of new cases, we all have the responsibility to protect ourselves and others by embracing new practices and procedures. In golf, these come in the form of social distancing, avoiding crowds during registration, reducing cash transactions and eliminating the handling of scorecards by several people.

myGolf2u has addressed these measures by automating much of the traditional procedures of golf, something that the R&A and USGA are trying to address as well.

Below is an example of one such automation:

Starting with booking and registration, you can find your tee time at any golf club, specify you playing partners, select your favourite caddies, order your favourite drinks and snacks for your round, pay on the App itself, then on game day check-in and inform the club of your ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival).

If one of your usual playing partners is not able to join or you simply couldn’t make up a foursome or threesome, you can always post your booking to your circle of friends in myGolf2u or even to the broader myGolf2u community. Everyone can see your posting and someone could join you if the are available.

At the club, you don’t need to go to the registration desk, that is the biggest point of gathering and risk of Coronavirus transmission. You simply drop your bag at the buggy station and the Caddie Master who has all your information will let you go onto the course if the entire payment is completed and in order. This basically means that there is no waiting around and social distancing is observed. At the course, there is also a Course Starter who would direct player flights to the relevant tee boxes and the flow of traffic is streamlined and efficient.

Manual scorecards are typically used by golfers for their own rounds as well as in tournament, where they exchange them with other players and then hand them in to the tournament organizer who use them to enter scores int their system then hands them to someone else to submit them for handicapping. Basically, many hands keep touching the same scorecards and so the risk of contamination of even just one of the cards is high.

myGolf2u’s electronic scoring not only protect players from possible infection but also streamlines the whole process and stores your scores on the cloud indefinitely so that you may refer to them in the future.

For tournaments, we provide live electronic scoring, which means leaderboards can be seen by players on their App and club personnel/spectators on TV screens. When the final putt is sunk, it takes only a few seconds to finalise and print the winner list.

The electronic format also means that we are able to immediately calculate a golfer’s latest handicap after each round rather than go through the process of handing scorecards in, waiting for someone to submit them into a handicapping system and then receive a handicap card after a week or even a month!

Please feel free to explore our site for all our products and do contact us if any of this is of interest.

Player Features

  • Booking and Self-Registration
  • Determine your latest handicap
  • Avoid losing your scorecards
  • Electronic Scoring at any club
  • Use GPS for pinpoint accuracy
  • Create favourite flights
  • Measure performance gains
  • View and enroll in Tournaments
  • Live scoring during tournaments
  • View leaderboard for any Tournaments
  • View all historical data 
  • Join Leagues and View League Leaderboards


Club / Organizer Features

  • Define Your Tee Slots & Pricing Policy
  • Set up Online Booking Rules
  • Manage Your Members
  • Manage Your Member’s Handicaps
  • Manage Tournaments & Enhance Communications
  • Conduct Live Electronic Scoring for Tournaments
  • Set Up & Manage Your Golf Course
  • Define Full Hole Information such as Image, Distance, Par, Index, Course and Slope Ratings etc.
  • Buggy & Caddie Management and Scheduling
  • All Cloud & App based. Zero infrastructure costs.


Let us modernize your golf software!

Contact us for a demo and quotation. Our product is attractively priced and uses the latest, state-of-the-art technology. It is cloud based, uses Apps and Browsers, not PC installations!